Welcome to attend the conference Science, Sports and Medicine XI !

For more than two decades this event has brought together sport scientists as well as specialists employed in the fields of sport, physical education, recreational sport, sports medicine and physiotherapy for discussing issues that are of common interest. The conference has always been aimed at promoting contacts and cooperation between sport scientists and people engaged in different areas of sport, thereby contributing to evidence-based development of sport and recreational physical activity in the society.

The conference held this year, in 2022 will have a considerably wider international dimension compared to the previous events. Conference programme includes presentations by researchers of several European Union countries, as well as by colleagues from the USA, Norway, Moldova and Georgia. There are also presentations given by outstanding coaches, sports physicians, physiotherapists, teachers and representatives of other professions related to sport and recreational activities. Numerous reports are expected to be delivered by doctoral students and young researchers in sport-related study areas. The conference is thus encompassing sport in its widest and deepest contexts – from elite sport to PE at school and recreational physical activity for general population.  

We encourage participation in the conference for all who take interest in its multifaceted programme – you may not wish to perform yourselves, however, you can make the most of the opportunity to debate with presenters, and communicate in relaxed atmospere with colleagues from Estonia and beyond.

Dear friends, you are very welcome to visit Tartu – that will in 2024 be the European Capital of Culture  –  to participate in the conference Science, Sport and Medicine XI !


On behalf of the scientific and organizing committee of the conference,

Professor Vahur Ööpik                                                                          Associate Professor Eve Unt

Institute of Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy                                  Institute of Clinical Medicine

University of Tartu                                                                                   University of Tartu